May 25, 2008

Spirit Guides and Tourists

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Sunday I took a day trip to Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, in Cassadaga, FL with my fiancee Deborah Silver, our friend and co-worker Matthew Ratajczak and his girlfriend Jessica Elliott.

From what I’ve heard, Cassadaga is the largest gathering of Spiritualists in the world, although I couldn’t confirm that. Spiritualism has no dogma or creed, but Spiritualists follow a set of nine principles to help guide their lives. I’m not going to go into all of them, but they believe in the Golden Rule, moral responsibility and the existence of Phenomena. Some spiritualists are called mediums and/or healers. Mediums can communicate with spirits, and healers are able to channel God’s healing energies. 

We took a tour. Our guide was a medium and a healer and he told us a bunch of stories about spirits still living at the camp. He took us into their church and later into a seance room which he described as the most important place in spiritualism. He said it was alright to take photos in the seance room, and that sometimes photos will show his aura or will even show an ORB.

I’m skeptical. I need proof. Spiritualists argue that they don’t need faith because they have experienced the metaphysical first hand and that for some of them, communing with spirits is as normal as talking to their neighbor. 

While photographing in a place like that, everything seemed to take on different meaning. We were certainly tourists, and couldn’t get much beyond that in a day. And being a skeptical outsider I first noticed all the signs typical of the “tourist trap” areas of the ozark mountains. However there definitely isn’t a raging gush of money into flowing into the camp (at least it doesn’t look like it) which is a clue that the people there are sincere.

I may never get my proof, but I definitely had a nice feeling being there. It was a good day trip in Florida. Thanks Jessica.

photographic artifact? or spiritual phenomena?

All Photographs Copyright (c) 2008 Alex Boerner All Rights Reserved

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