June 6, 2008

The 300 Challenge

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I used to work Sundays at the newspaper, which were typically pretty slow. We’d usually get one assignment, MAYBE two, sometimes none. The nice thing about those light weekend days is that we could actually spend a good amount of time at one assignment. On most Sundays I’d try to change things up a bit by taking a camera with a 300 mm lens and shooting an assignment only with that setup. For me it was a good way to be forced to look at things a little differently, and sometimes it would help shake me out of one of those ruts where I felt like every photo I shot looked the same.

I haven’t done that in a while, but I tried it again at a graduation ceremony last night. We had an early deadline, but we only needed one photo so I figured it was alright to give it another shot.

Copyright Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers

Copyright Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers

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  1. Those are really good! I like the running one. It reminds me of this commercial that plays in the Spanish TV…

    pretty much it’s a young Latino kid running through town. Everyone looks at him as if he’s crazy. Some people get a little worried because they think he’s running away from a robbery (he has a plastic bag w/ him). Then he arrives at the school and pulls out his cap and puts it on.

    And then he graduates.

    i like your pics man! good yob!

    -jose, i mean Julio

    Comment by july the photo guy — June 6, 2008 @ 8:27 pm | Reply

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