September 3, 2008

RNC – Day 2

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Day 2 at the RNC got started with a concert up the street at the State Capitol building. Anti-Flag played the last set, but Rage Against The Machine is in town and once word got out that the group was there on the grounds, anticipation began to build in the crowd in hopes of a show. The police felt the anticipation too as was evident by the third helicopter that began circling the area following the Anti-Flag show. Despite plenty of encouragement from the crowd, they did not play. However, Zack de la Rocha still came out to address the group and RATM blue balls was somewhat avoided. He asked people to be thoughtful about their protests, and spoke about the working class commonalities between the protesters and many of the police, encouraging opposition to be aimed toward the people INSIDE the Excel Energy Center. He then held a memorable two-song a capella show with a mega-phone.

The march that followed began and ended peacefully, but once it broke up it was designated an unlawful assembly by the chief of police, who made the announcement over a loudspeaker with nearly a hundred riot police lined up at the intersection. Next to the famous Mickey’s Diner people were warned about the use of chemical agents if they did not disperse. The crowd began to leave…slowly. They must not have been moving quickly enough however because after about 10 minutes a concussion grenade was launched, followed by smoke bombs, tear gas, and pepper spray. I did not see any sort of instigation for the action (unlike the day before where protesters ran directly into a police line), and heard the same report echoed on CNN later that night. 



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